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A quick search shows that יאל does not seem to appear in Tanach, nor in the Mishna or Gemara. Wikipedia does not acknowledge this variant spelling either for Yael, though it's the way they transliterate Yahel Ernesto Castillo Huerta's name into Hebrew, probabaly to differentiate it from Yael. It appears that Larry Gonick either made that up, was ...


I would guess that the name that you saw is a Yiddish name called פעשע or פעשא. For example. It is Yiddish for Passover and used as a girl's name. Although a more typical transliteration would be Pesche, you certainly see anglicized versions of a Shin as a double ss. Or, it could have been a french transliteration of Pesach (or come through french). For ...


I did a computer search and can't find anywhere in Tanach where the word is spelled with a yud. However, it's often spelled that way in Mishna (ex: Berachos 4:2, 4:4) and other Rabbinic writings, at least according to our commonly printed versions. In modern Hebrew, the convention is generally to place a 'yud' in a word if you're otherwise not using vowels, ...


I got this info from another site : " Ask the Rabbi" - it seems to have another brilliant answer ! Dov David (Bernie) May at "Ohr Samayach" at: http://ohr.edu/ask/ask294.htm

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