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I would guess that the name that you saw is a Yiddish name called פעשע or פעשא. For example. It is Yiddish for Passover and used as a girl's name. Although a more typical transliteration would be Pesche, you certainly see anglicized versions of a Shin as a double ss. Or, it could have been a french transliteration of Pesach (or come through french). For ...


Partial answer to changes from ךָ- to הַּ-, particularly in Birkat Hashannim (Amidah) I assume that you are referring to the difference between 1- שבעינו מטובך vs. 2 - שבעינו מטובה. The 1st one means "Your goodness" is said outside Israel because we are referring to G-d's general goodness in blessing the land of Israel. The 2nd version said in Israel, ...


I got this info from another site : " Ask the Rabbi" - it seems to have another brilliant answer ! Dov David (Bernie) May at "Ohr Samayach" at: http://ohr.edu/ask/ask294.htm

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