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Even the mishnah in pirkei avos is not interpreted by many achronim as the simple understanding. For example the Maharal explains that the mishnahs meaning is that a man should not learn torah with a woman. (see his peirush on this mishnah in full) but not having to do with having a conversation. Also a different version in avos derebi natan gives a ...


There would be no such source from a time when there was no dating, so you need to look only in the past 50 years of Halacha. The one known source is from the Gemora (קידושין מא א) אסור לאדם שיקדש את האשה עד שיראנה שמא יראה בה דבר מגונה ותתגנה עליו And now, one should check perhaps also by talking.


It's pretty hard to ask any questions from the first two chapters of Genesis, considering both the esoteric nature of both the topic and the fact that the world seems to have rather different back then in a way that may be inherently incomprehensible for us now that we've been evicted from Eden. That being said, there are several approaches to this ...


The Lubavitcher Rebbe discusses this at length according to Rashi and the plain meaning of the verses (there are others who say that the very ability to speak was something just special for that occasion). He brings up a two possibilities: It is obvious. Everyone sees snakes don't talk, so there is no need to specify that this was included. (He rejects ...

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