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Maybe the universe was created by God sound waves, which are an emanation of personality to an external medium as our flesh-and-blood soundwaves are to the recipent thereof. This may be why the universe was not 'congealed' entirely till the Jews accepted the Torah at Mt Sinai (Rashi on the passuk of ha'shishi). Because a message can only exist when it has ...


You seem to be basing your supposition that the universe may have been created by sound waves on the fact that Gensis 1:3 has "ויאמר אלקים", literally "God said". While I don't claim to understand what that means precisely, it doesn't seem to involve sound waves. Allow me to quote some of the commentary on that phrase, in my own loose translation: Ibn Ezra: ...


No. Interesting reasoning, but I don't think it makes much sense. First of all, sound can't exist without matter. Sound itself isn't an actual "thing", but a vibration that propagates as a wave of pressure in a medium (like air). Just like ripples can't exist without the water, sound can't exist without the matter.


Hashem is the master of existence and in essence, existence itself. He can manipulate any aspect of the world. Soundwaves are one aspect of physical existence, and as far as I know, they can only travel through a physical medium. So if we were to simply take your question at face value without any further assumptions, it wouldn't make sense for sound to ...

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