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The Zohar writes that the Patriarch Yitzchok had the soul of a female. Additionally, the Arizal explained that Michal wore tefillin because she had a male soul. So it seems that souls do have genders, both male and female.


No. A soul is a spiritual entity and has no gender. However according to Kabbalah there are two worlds where souls can come from. A "Masculine" world and a "Feminine" world. The Lubavitcher Rebbe Z"L explains that that the way of a soul from the "masculine side" is to transform the world by being pro-active and outgoing, while the path of the soul ...


the shemonei shearim shaar gilgulim (forget exact place) says that if a male soul is reincarnated in a female body, as sometimes happens, then that female cannot have a male child - only female children, as the verse says in parsha tazria "when a woman conceives and bears a male child", and that woman is really a man in a female body. I think he says there ...


There are 2 souls, a Nefesh Elokis and Nefesh Habahamis, a G-dly soul and an animalistic soul. Goyim only have the animalistic soul. All physical desires and worldly pleasures come from the Nefesh Habahamis. The Nefesh Elokis just wants the pleasure of G-d, learning Torah and doing Mitzvos. We are able to use the animalistic soul for the service of G-d, but ...

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