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there have been cases of dibuks (spirits of the dead "stuck" in this world) from reliable sources. The book Reb Elchonon (Artscroll) talks about how he (Rabbi Elchonon Wasserman) was involved in exorcising one. He would relate the story every purim. So it looks like the occult is still around us.


Rabbi Yaakov Hillel, who is considered the expert on the subject in the Jewish world. He even wrote a book against such things called "Faith and Folly". Nevertheless, even he concedes that such things do exist even today. Here is an excerpt of his words from an audio lecture which he gave on the topic: (at 46:01) "sometimes some of these people ...


The most famous first stop on this discussion the gloss of the Vilna Goan on the Shulchan Orach Yoreh Deah siman 179 note 13. He claims that everyone since the Rambam disagreed with the Rambam's position that there is no such thing as magic.

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