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The case of Rebbi Shimon ben Shetach might have been about their particular method, from where they drew their power. Also, there are a few types of Kishuf. Rashi points out that there is Latt and Lahatt. Perhaps using demons doesn't require being grounded. Another possibility is that he was on the ground but projected himself into the air.


it has to do with what methods employed. for example Chartumim refers to "those who would arouse themselves (נֶחֱרִים) with the bones (טִימֵי) of the dead, so that they would [be able to] inquire of the bones." (Rashi Gen.41:8) Mechashfim i read somewhere uses demons (shedim)


Washing hands repeatedly in the morning to dispel the bad spirit on them. (Some perform this ritual after sleeping in the daytime as well). This is stated in the Gemara Shabbos 108b-109a: הוא היה אומר יד לעין תיקצץ יד לחוטם תיקצץ יד לפה תיקצץ יד לאוזן תיקצץ יד לחסודה תיקצץ יד לאמה תיקצץ יד לפי טבעת תיקצץ ידלגיגית תקצץ יד מסמא יד מחרשת יד מעלה פוליפוס ...

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