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There is definitely one in a library in Denmark and in Regensburg (kind of close to you?) http://www.worldcat.org/title/piyutim-le-shabatot-ha-shana-le-fi-minhag-ashkenaz-piyyutim/oclc/466173928 http://www.worldcat.org/title/piyyutim-las-sabbatot-has-sana-le-pi-minhag-askenaz-liturgical-poems-for-the-years-special-sabbaths-piyyutim/oclc/632462311 I think ...


The following is taken from the Torah Tavlin parsha sheet - Chukas 5774 The word להקדישני explains Rashi, is meant to denote Kiddush Hashem. Had Moshe spoken to the rock, as Hashem commanded, and not hit it the way he did, it would have created a great sanctification of Hashem’s name, and the people would say, “Look how the rock, which does not speak ...

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