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The similarity between Chad Gadya and Echad Mi Yodeia is because they both come from the word meaning "one" - חד/אחד. Chad Gadya means "one goat" in Aramaic, and Echad Mi Yodeia means "Who knows one?" in Hebrew. The word Haggadah, though, is a completely different word, meaning "to tell over" (הגדה), also in Hebrew. So, no, it's not related at all.


As far as I know about the song, "we want moshiach now" it was first sung in 1980 by a group of campers. The Rebbe began clapping along as approval and afterwards encouraged singing it. The song itself was written by campers and then received the Rebbe's approval after it was first sung in front of him. As to why this kindergarten does this after ...

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