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On a very practical level: Infant circumcision by a competent mohel is minimally painful and soon forgotten. The medical clamp procedure is more painful, but equally forgotten. No lasting effects on the literally millions that have had it. It is not a zero risk procedure, but having the baby driven around in a car is going to represent greater risk in life. ...


There is no religious requirement in Judaism for a non-Jewish man to wear a head covering. However, since a public request was made, some attendees might feel that it is disrespectful or insensitive to appear without a head covering. As a practical concern, and out of sensitivity to the family, I would therefore recommend wearing a head covering. Either a ...


It literally means "a joyful Purim". The words "I wish you" that should accompany it are missing but if you want to say it in proper English then "I wish you a joyful Purim" would do the job. Google Translate has "A happy Purim". Maybe you need to cast lots to decide which to use. (Purim means "lots").


This Wikipedia article gives the background on the development of Jewish surnames. The range of sources for such names includes: the place from which the family came translation of the Hebrew patronymic the Austrian emperor Joseph the second issued a decree called Das Patent ├╝ber die Judennamen which compelled the Jews to adopt German surnames. Napoleon ...


http://www.torah.org/learning/lifecycles/milah/vol1no3.html this link provides information and reasons for a circumcision and I believe that even though they are positive reasons they show the downside of not performing a circumcision.With regard to the negative effects,being cut off from the nation of Israel is a possibility if one does not have a ...


The Kof-k goes through the sugya nicely and provides examples when it would be muter or assur to show favor. this is link to the sources(I am not going to summarize it because they did that already) http://www.kof-k.org/articles/040108110431W-28%20Lo%20Sichaneim.pdf

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