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NOTE: both of these are only partial answers; the 1st may be against the Rashba and the 2nd is disputed First Answer The simplest answer might be that the times of getting up and going to sleep are based on when non-Jews, who are exempt from Shema, wake up (after all, non-Jews do make up the vast majority of the human population). Rishonim (see Tos. 2b) ...


I heard that Rav Elyashiv zt"l held this way, and that it was halakha l'maaseh for him because he slept for less than six hours.


I've heard this from unlearned people only. I assume they are mixing themselves up with keilim. That is, in the idea of nosein taam lifgam, we say the blios in a kli become no longer considered halachicaly viable, bidieved at least, after being in the kli over night or over a 24 hour period. The popular opinion is to hold 24 hours but the other opinion held ...

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