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The idea is discussed in hatorah.net There under קיב ע"א, he notes that Talmidei Chachomim only took their shoes off on Friday night. He records Yoma 78b and says (my translation of an extract) it can be explained through Rav Nachman bar Yitzchok's maamar in Gittin 57b on the possuk (כי עליך הורגנו כל היום" (תהלים מד"  which he says refers ...


Additional sources regarding shoes, sandals and slippers (but not socks) include: Rav Yosef Haim of Baghdad, in Parashat Pinhas Shana Sheniya, 16 Rav Haim Kanievsk There is also a disagreement on the length of sleep required for this to be a problem.


As for home remedies, you'd have to ask someone else. (Milk?) The critical point in halacha here is as follows: medication is allowed for someone "very sick" or "in a lot of pain" or "sick all over." Someone who "eh feels a little something funny" can't use anything medicinal, only things that healthy people normally consume. Scimonster pointed out that if ...


Shmirat Shabbat C'hilchatah, 33:16: מי שמצטער הרבה מחוסר שינה, מותר לו לקחת כדורי-שינה. Someone who suffers greatly from lack of sleep (insomnia) is allowed to take sleeping pills. (my translation) If even sleeping pills are allowed, some tea should certainly be OK.


The Tur quotes Tosfos that one isn't allowed to go to sleep or wake up with music. R' Shlomo Zalman Aurbach said that the prohibition on waking up to music still applies, so too it should apply to going to sleep with music.


As a supplement to Matt's answer; see Mishna Berura 2:1, who writes that מיושב: דאז בהכרח יתגלה גופו והאדם צריך להתנהג בצניעות ובושה לפני הקב"ה ואפילו כשהוא לילה ובחדרי חדרים הלא מלא כל הארץ כבודו וכחשיכה וכאורה לפניו יתברך....ע"כ האנפלאות יראה ללבשם או לפשטם ג"כ תחת הסדין שלא לגלות רגליו שדרכן להיות מכוסות לעולם במדינות אלו שאין הולכין יחף אפילו ...


The Gemara (Yoma 78b) writes that one who sleeps with shoes on, 'has tasted a taste of death', and since tasting death is probably not a good thing, some poskim write that sleeping with shoes on should be avoided (see Kaf Hahayyim Y.D 116:211, for example). The book Shemiras Haguf Vehanefesh (no. 115) also writes that wearing shoes to sleep causes someone to ...

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