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The Rashb"o in Chindushai HaHagodos (Mosad Horav Kook) to Brochos 54b states that after a long halachik discussion the Ameroim switched to Agadato to awaken the students.


Yes you are allowed.Kitzur Shulchan Aruch says so. You do not repeat shema or hamapil. Sh"t Yechave data 4:21, Sh"t Tzitz Eliezer 7:27, Sh"t beer Moshe 1:63. If you forget to say maariv or kidush levana. You can wake up to say the say them both. You do not repeat the Beracha either. Do not repeat anything if you have to say asher yatzar. Normally, a yid ...


This is based on my own surmisal: Pirkei Avot 5 mishna 8: Ten miracles were performed for our fathers in the Temple ... No man said to his fellow, "There is no room for me to lodge in Jerusalem." Note that it states "lodging", and some commentaries explain that during the Bet Hamikdash, when people came for Regel (3 times / yr. "pilgrimage") ...

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