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You could not circumvent the obligation, as an Eved Ivri remains obligated in positive time-bound commandments. (An Eved Kena'ani is not, but to make your plan work you'd have to first become a Kena'ani.)


Besides the multiple practical problems with this approach (including the fact that the woman has to agree to accept the Mitzvos or you have to sell away her within a year, at which point, why won't she just convert?), the Rambam writes (Hilchos Havadim 3:6[4]): אין עבד עברי מותר בשפחה כנענית, עד שתהיה לו אישה ישראלית ובנים, אבל אם אין לו אישה ובנים, אין ...


Part of Ramban's comment on Breishit 32:21 offers some insight to this. He says that when Ya'akov sent messengers with a huge gift for Esav, the verse explains part of Ya'akovs thinking where he uses the term "kaparah" - a bit of an unusual term, here. Ramba"n explains that he sent servants before him and gave "kofer nafsho" (loose translation - redemption ...


The following only addresses the absence of his name in Parshas Chayei Sarah, but that is the bulk of cases in which his name is replaced with eved/ish. R' Yaakov Kaminetzky (Emes L'Yaakov Bereishis 24:39) sees in this point an important motif underlying the story of Eliezer's search for a wife for Yitzchok. Eliezer had a daughter whom he wanted to marry ...

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