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A friend and I were recently at the Princeton Art Museum, which contained a text from the Caribbean with a blessing on circumcising one's slaves:


I'm going to put some more information out there in addition to @Jeffery Mensch's above. Here's the picture again: Slaves were kept in the Caribbean by Jews and according to some estimates, Jews controlled ~20% of the Dutch slave trade. Remember that these Dutch-colony Jews were of Sephardic descent and spoke Judeo-Portuguese/Spanish as well as Portuguese ...


Rambam (based on Kiddushin 25a) writes (Avadim 5:4 (English)): כיצד בראשי אברים: המכה את עבדו בכוונה, וחיסרו אחד מעשרים וארבעה אברים שאינן חוזרין--יצא לחירות, וצריך גט שיחרור. אם כן למה לא נאמר בתורה אלא "שן" (שמות כא,כז) ו"עין" (שמות כא,כו), לדון מהן: מה שן ועין, מומין שבגלוי ואינן חוזרין--אף כל מום שבגלוי שאינו חוזר, יצא העבד בו לחירות.‏ How ...


The Tora is interpreted by 13 midot, as Taught Rabbi Yishmael. One of the 13 is: Klal Uprat Uklal. Here, you have a typical example See Kiddushin 24b. 13 Midot are not a technical-formal method of lecture, but a way to understan the language of the Torah. Torah preferred to teach principles, to give a significate to the rule. Chachamim are alway seeking for ...

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