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Seems like the reason is that it may cause it to actually be dying or it may cause internal damage while shekhita thus turning it into "nevela" or "trefa". There we some rabanim who permitted it but they are minority. One of the most comprehensive source is "Edut Neemana" (hebrewbooks.org/22298). regarding the trefa see page 12 toward the end.


By way of background, I am a Karaite Jew (from an actual Karaite family). I run a Karaite Jewish blog (ABlueThread.com); and I actually have an entire article on this topic. See my post here: http://wp.me/p43Sek-sm And here is an explanatory video: http://youtu.be/gARsacJ5oWs?t=2m To Summarize: Karaites require completely cutting of all four signs (two ...

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