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The Aruch Hashulchan 551:28 writes: ודע שיש שמניחים הסיום מסכת על ימים אלו, כדי לאכול בשר. ודבר מכוער הוא, דאף על גב דבמועד קטן (ט א) מוכח דמותר לשייר מקצת הגמר לסיום מצוה, כדאיתא שם בבניין בית המקדש עיין שם, מכל מקום להניח לכתחילה בשביל אכילת בשר – לא נאה ולא יאה.‏ ויש שלומדים לכתחלה מסכת כדי לעשות סיום בימים אלו, ודבר זה אפשר, כדי ...


A minor's siyum may not allow one to eat meat. A siyum on certain texts may not, either. Those are two possibilities, but, of course, as I was not privy to the conversation you overheard, I have no idea what the fellow's reaosn was.


Contrary to popular belief, it's not that simple for one to just go to a Siyum during the Nine Days and eat meat (and wine, as it's part of the same custom) at the meal. While undoubtedly it isn't forbidden, many authorities limit those who can partake of the meat to family and 'close friends' (defined as someone who you would invite to a meal at another ...


Rav Eliyashiv (Ashrei Ha'ish 69:12) held that a katan who makes a siyum and makes a celebratory meal is not considered a seudas mitzvah which would permit one to have meat and wine.


Rabbi B'tzal'el Stern (B'tzel Hachochma volume 4 number 100) was asked whether a minor's siyum exempts an adult from taanis b'choros. He cites the Rambam (Hilchos Korban Pesach 5:7) as saying that someone who became an adult between Pesach and Pesach sheni need not offer the korban pesach sheni. The explanation of this Rambam is that, because the Torah says ...


This Kof-K article says When one finishes a mesechta, there is a mitzvah to be joyous over the occasion.6 The simcha is so great that some poskim say one should mention simcha b’meono at the siyum.7 (The minhag is not to say it).8 The Yam Shel Shlomo9 says there is no greater simcha or mitzvah that is done before Hashem than the simcha and ...

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