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The Rama writes meat and wine by a seudas mitzvah davka and the food can only be eaten in the room of the siyum(Mishna Brurah 551:75).It seems that meat and wine are the only exception and it only applies during the seudah,not the rest of the day. It should be noted that planning a siyum to davka come out during the nine days is not so pashut,even though ...


The ספר האשכול in Hilchos Sefer Torah 14 brings down the Hadran Alach, Yehi Ratzon, and sons of Rav Pappa parts. I think that is the earliest source, and he does not have the Haarev, Modim, or second Yehi Ratzon.


While, as Seth J answered, there's likely nothing wrong with it, anyone signing up to study toward a communal siyum in someone's memory should bear in mind that doing so is partially for the deceased's relatives' peace of mind and comfort. If the relatives are of the sort that would be disturbed by a woman's contributing toward the siyum, it might be better ...


In an Orthodox setting, the woman will not likely be asked to lead the Siyum (although...) or say the Kaddish, but just scrolling through some of the past Siyumim posted here, you can see a number of women who signed up to learn.


At several siyums for my Daf Yomi group, I heard Rabbi Gedaliah Anemer tell a story involving Rav Moshe Feinstein, which he used to address the subject question. Rabbi Anemer related that one of the Rav's students came from a non-yeshivish background. One day his father asked him to explain to him what it was they were learning in yeshiva. So, the son ...


Expanding upon my answer from here: I once wanted to learn a Masechta for the purpose of making a Siyum, and I learned it on mp3 and made a Siyum with the approval of a prominent Rav. The primary objective, I believe, is to learn to the best of your ability. If you cannot understand a single word and you refuse to use "tricks" to make it easier to ...


I recently heard that Rabbi Elyashiv Zatzal always made a Siyum on Erev Pesach. Once a fellow asked him that he was not a Bechor as his mother had prior miscarriages so why does he make a Siyum every year. He said he knows he is not a Bechor he does it since the Rav is supposed to make a Siyum. It is quite likely that often a Bechor makes the Siyum since he ...


R. Tzvi Reisman has a long, in-depth discussion on this topic here, and the following are some of the main points which answer the question. 1) The obligation of this fast is unlike other fasts, in that it is only mentioned in a Baraissa of Mesechta Soferim, and not the gemara. Thus the obligation to fast started only as a minhag and so it is treated ...


More important than the Masechta itself is your understanding of the background to that Masechta. If you are unfamiliar with the underlying concepts of that Masechta, it will be hard. The Kehati Mishnayot will make any Masechta easier by presenting the necessary background information in an orderly and organized manner.

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