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I think it depends on the child and is entirely up to the parents' judgement, consistent with their general policies on Internet access and on Halacha learning (1). Hopefully, all parents these days are teaching their kids not to believe everything they read on the Internet (or in real life for that matter) and skills for gauging the credibility of ...


The real answer is that a down-vote could mean "I don't think this is the kind of question mi.yodeya should focus on", without necessarily implying anything bad about the person who asked it. Being able to respectfully disagree with an opinion -- while maintaining respect for the person who holds it -- is a hallmark of healthy Jewish learning. R' Moshe ...


Rabbi Ahron Lopiansky said that discussing matters of a sexual nature in a public forum is improper, citing the Talmud in Shabbos 33a Said R. Hanan b. Rabbah: All know for what purpose a bride enters the bridal canopy, yet against whomsoever who speaks obscenely [thereof], even if a sentence of seventy years' happiness had been sealed for him, it is ...


I think that if a child goes on this web site, he should be accompanied by a learned adult who can guide him through the right answers & questions.


Let us also remember that, at least according to the Chofetz Chaim, speaking positively about somebody is also forbidden by the laws of shemirat halashon, so giving up-votes would be equally problematic.

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