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Ohr Hachayim Noach 6,10 and 7,1 discusses this. It appears that minors can pass on due to parental sins. it was only because of Noach's righteousness that they were saved in his merit (as minors). It is unclear if this is the case only with bnai-Noach or also with Yisroel. Later, he indicates that Noach's children were saved because in Noach's merit they ...


Your question seems to indicate that people aren't returning their sefarim to their places, rather than taking them from the בית מדרש. If, on the other hand, you have a problem with people taking home the ספרים, you can, for a price, implement an "anti-theft" system which uses RFID tags inside of the book-covers and a scanner system by the exits which would ...


The Steipler Gaon once finished learning in a Yeshiva not far his home. After walking approximately 100 meters, despite the fact that walking was very difficult for him he realized that he didn’t return his sefer to its place. He then turned around, went back to the place he was sitting, returned the sefer, and then went home.


I was once in a Beis Medrash which used the following tactic. They had signs up which said that the sefarim were only available to use on condition that you return them to the shelf. So if you don't return them, you have borrowed them without permission and are a thief. So you could add לא תגזול to your next sign if you would like to go this route.


I usually find that "guilty encouragement" is a good tactic among Jews, esp. in shuls. An example in this case, you could either put up a sign or better have verbal announcements by you, the rabbi or whoever has authority emphasizing these ideas: The sefarim are meant to help everyone who wants to increase their Torah knowledge. Studying Torah is ...


Kraina D'Igrasa 1:59 - Rabbi Yaakov Yisrael Kanievsky Zatzal writes that one who does not return the Seforim to its place is doing a Midah Achzorios and is a Rasha. Alternatively you can print one of the pictures in this link and show what the Shul can look like if Sefarim are not returned to their place, or even better just do this a few times until the ...

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