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It is a prohibition not to stand by as another Jew is in any kind of danger, be it physical or financial. ALL of the Monei Hamitzvos include it. See Behag 93, Saadia Gaon 61, Rambam 297, Semag 165, Ramban 293, Chinuch 237, Semak 79, etc.


With very few exceptions, sacrifices are for inadvertent violations which can include violations which would have had a death penalty had it been on purpose and with witnesses and warning - for example a Shabbos violation. If the person forgot what day it was, or forgot that the specific activity was forbidden, they would have to bring a sacrifice. (Rambam ...


Rambam Hilchos De'os 5:3 וכל המשתכר, הרי זה חוטא ומגונה ומפסיד חכמתו; ואם משתכר בפני עמי הארץ, הרי זה חילל את השם. Anyone who gets drunk, he is a sinner and is disgusting and loses his wisdom. And if he does so before commoners, he profanes G-d. According to the Rambam, the mitzvah of simcha on Yom Tov does not encourage or even permit drinking ...

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