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This sounds similar to Antoninus's question to Rebbi on the bottom of Sanhedrin 91a. 'The body and the spirit can each get out of punishment. The body will say the soul sinned! From the moment he left me I lay here still as a stone in the grave. The soul will say the body sinned! From the moment I left him I have flown around like a bird. Rebbi answered, let ...


the person's human intellect is granted free choice. His soul, therefore, has little influence on his physical body's actions. The question seems to assume that the soul is an outside force, whereas the intellect is the actual self. Rabbi Bentzion Shaifer defines "The 'I' who is talking to you" as a combination of the animal soul, and the G-dly soul. ...


Rashi on Benjamin's blessing says that his being a "wolf that will tear", alludes in part to the incident at Gibeah .


Aaron sinned accidentally. He wasn't expecting Israel to actually worship the calf any more than they worshipped Moses, (see Nahmanides on Exodus 32:1). He also didn't abide the worship, making sure to inform sinners of their transgression, (Leviticus Rabah Tzav). He brought a sin offering for his error. Israel on the other hand abided their countrymen's ...

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