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There are discussions of whether it's permitted to walk into a casino and gamble, but the Gemara makes it clear (Sanhedrin 24b) that a person whose only job is getting people's money via gambling is "not among those who help civilize this world", and is disqualified from being a witness! So 1--3 would all be clearly prohibited. Regarding the pork abattoir, ...


Mamzerut is not a punishment for the deed, the punishment ends with the death of the parents, if it applies. Mamzerut is a situation, a מציאות . I think of it as a genetic disease, or a social/geographical condition in which the child is born because of the parents . I shall add some mekorot later.


His sins would likely fit in the Maimonidean category of sins that preempt repentance/forgiveness. He has untold numbers of individual victims who suffered shame and emotional distress due to his actions. He may well have been machati eth harabim (causing communal sin) by discouraging halachik mikvah use, which is one of the categories of sin for which one ...

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