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In James (ICC): A Critical and Exegetical Commentary the author in his text (I have not checked his notes) brings several possible sources for the statement. Amongst them are: m. Qidd 1.10 (= Mishna Kiddushin 1:10 "and whosoever does not perform a single commandment it shall not be well with him, and he shall not enjoy length of days, and he shall not ...


According to Jewish sources (not clear to me where, now), the only sins that renders you "Breaking All", is Shabbos and Avodah Zora. And of-course it is only if it was done intentionally (Bemeized). Another thing that is mentioned, is a "Mumer Leduvar Echud" (מומר לדבר אחד). That's not believing that one specific mitzvah was given to Moshe Rabeinu. I'm not ...

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