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The Baal HaTanya writes in his siddur: מנהג ותיקין הוא לעשות יום שמיני עצרת גם כן כמו בשמחת תורה It is a custom of the ancients(?) to do on Shmini Atzeres like on Simchas on Torah ... And then going on to describe Hakafos. Rabbi Nachum Greenwald notes that the language seems to paraphrase the Mishnas Chassidim, but the Mishnas Chassidim is ...


Nitai Gavriel (Hilchos Chag HaSukkos 98:10) brings this custom as existing in several communities. This was permitted because the joy in celebrating the completion of the Torah. The Nitai Gavriel himself says that this should only be done in those communities where this is the established custom. Otherwise, one should be more strict, and if they need to do ...

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