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Yeshivas Chaim Berlin, as litvisha yeshiva on Coney Island Ave. in Brooklyn, does hskafos on Shmini Atzeres at night. They come back to the yeshiva after eating the seudah and the Rosh Yeshiva speaks (gives a maimar) in the sukkah. Afterwards they go inside and dance hakafos. The hakofos usually do no start until 2-3 AM.


Aruch Hashulchan 620:2 says that there are those that dispute that one would have to pray Mincha before Musaf once the time for Mincha arrives. It is especially reasonable that on Yom Kippur that this would be disputed because many say the reason for having to reverse the order has to do with the fact that one may not eat once the time of Mincha arrived ...

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