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My local orthodox rabbi told us that on Simchas Torah, Korach jumps and yells "Moshe emes v'Toraso emes" in admission that he was wrong to rebel against Moshe Rabbeinu. In celebration of Korach's defeat, our rabbi jumps during the dancing in imitation of Korach on the words "Moshe emes v'Toraso emes". My conjecture is that throwing children is a natural ...


As indicated by msh210, it is a common custom on Simchas Torah to turn the Sefer Torah outwards when doing Hagbah after reading V'zos habrachah. Some Ashkenazim do it both by night and by day, some only in the morning, and some not at all.1 As for the reasons:2 Pirkei Avos 5:26: "Turn the Torah over and over for everything is in it." A symbol of turning ...

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