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In the beginning of the first chapter of Mesillas Yesharim (see also here), Ramchal writes ויתאמת אצל האדם מה חובתו בעולמו....שהאדם לא נברא אלא להתענג על השם ולהנות מזיו שכינתו A person should realize what his purpose is in this world....that a person was not created except to have joy from Hashem, and to benefit from his Shechinah (Divine ...


Being that the founding fathers were conscious of work ethics, 'mind your business' being an early motto, and considering their deep morals, i can't believe that their vision of happiness meant eating and drinking and the like. I would assume happiness meant more along the lines of what we call 'shalom' in the birchas kohanim. This shalom or peace or ...

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