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At the risk of breaking the rules of Mi Yodeya! May I answer with these questions: A Confluence of Miracles: The source of the building materials The source of the young builders The source of the young builders' shouts. Could the "ancient-men" have just been overwhelmed, and could no longer hold the pent-up hope? that seeing even the foundation ...


I think it means that they cried because they saw that the building was going to be smaller than the Temple that Shlomo HaMelech built, which is something that you can see from the size of the foundation. See Rashi, 3:12 sv זה הבית: כשהיו רואין בניין בית זה היו בוכין מתוך שהיו זוכרים אותו בניין גדול של בית ראשון When they saw the construction of ...

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