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The most beautiful print is the shulchan aruch habahir. Itdoes not have tzuras hadaf, and there are no added maareh mikomos. Whether or not it has typos, old or new, i vouldnt say, I've never checked or use it much being that i do like having the old tzuras hadaf.


I recently got the Tur-Shulchan Aruch set "Tzuras HaDaf" published by Shulchan Melachim. I would personally recommend getting the Tur Shulchan Aruch together, which I have found tremendously useful, both for reference and for in-depth study purposes. Additionally, its not that much more expensive than getting just the Shulchan Aruch and certainly much ...


מכת מרדות is not necessarily an indication of something being Rabbinic. You can only get Torah-ordained lashes if you do an action (with 3 exceptions). You can see the a list in the first half of the last Perek in Makos. Listening and looking (and smelling) are not classified as actions and therefore one who looks at forbidden things and one who listens ...

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