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Historically, there were many wome who studied Torah. Currently, we have women who teach Torah, and Rabbi Avi Weiss has given some women the title "Rabbanit". Women are allowed to be mashgichot (kosher supervisors), so, I assume that they are learning some parts of Yoreh De'ah to know what to do. I am citing these as examples of what appears to be a ...


Women can lean definitely Pirkei Avot & Shulchan Aruch (why not?). On the contrary - women are obligated to know their halachic obligations and there is no other way for that other than studying Torah.


If you see the Mishna Brurah in Siman 552 he writes that's from the din of gemara,but regarding minhag its assur from Rosh Chodesh


The most beautiful print is the shulchan aruch habahir. Itdoes not have tzuras hadaf, and there are no added maareh mikomos. Whether or not it has typos, old or new, i vouldnt say, I've never checked or use it much being that i do like having the old tzuras hadaf.

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