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No.The stories in Shoftim are mostly not chronological. And Rashi points out (on his commentary there) that Micha lived in the beginning of the Shoftim era: "ויהי איש מהר אפרים" - אף על פי שנכתבו שתי פרשיות הללו בסוף הספר של מיכה ושל פלגש בגבעה בתחלת השופטים היה בימי עתניאל בן קנז שנאמר (לקמן יח לא) וישימו להם את פסל מיכה וגו' כל ימי היות בית אלהים בשילה ...


If you read the commentators, like Rashi on those verses, you will learn that the reason the inhabitants of Laish were peaceful is because they were isolated and there was nobody around to bother them. It follows that once the tribe of Dan arrived to be neighbours, they would defend themselves and their territory. So it was more efficient to surprise them ...

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