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Samson was not a nazirite in a complete sense, for he never took a nazirite vow.It was merely that the angel caused him to be separated from impurity. What were the laws applying to him? He was forbidden to drink wine and cut his hair. He was, however, permitted to incur impurity due to contact with the dead. This concept is a halachah transmitted by ...


According to Nazir 4b, Samson, having a special form of nezirut (Nazirite status), was allowed to become tamei (ritually impure or "unclean") even though the typical nazirite vow would preclude such a leniency: נזיר שמשון מותר ליטמא למתים שכן מצינו בשמשון שנטמא A nazir shimshon is allowed to become impure via [contact with] the dead, for we find by ...

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