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As I recall the poskim say oldsters and others can't stick around for all of davening, so we do the Tekios before Mussaf. Another reason, which is brought in a post on Shofar Sounder and in the Chayei Adam, Klal 142, is that the Satan (i.e. the Yetzer Hara) wants to mess up everything for us during the Mussaf tekios, so we blow the shofar to knock him off ...


"Judaism does not view the word “Satan” with the same connotation as other religions. Satan in Judaism is not a physical being, ruling the underworld or hell. Rather, in the Torah, the word Satan indicates “accuser,” “hinderer,” or “tempter.” Satan is more an obstacle in one’s way, such as temptation and evil doings, keeping them from completing the ...

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