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There was a korban omer even during shemitah. (Otherwise, how could one have eaten from chodosh in chutz la'aretz?) It came ideally from the "sefiach" (self-seeded produce); though if that wasn't available, it was imported from Suryah, or, if still necessary, planted in Israel and offered on the Altar (but not eaten by the priests). As such, all the related ...


A proper Otzar Beis Din does not collect vegetables which are subject to the issur of Sefichin, rather they only deal with fruits, which Chazal never instituted and were not concerned for Sefichin. Sefichin was never instituted for fruits which grow and die yearly which grow by themselves usually without any tending to, therefore there is little incentive ...


Yes, society in general kept sh'mita (toward the end of the period of second bes hamikdash) to the extent that lenders found themselves unable to collect on loans after sh'mita had passed. (That's why they stopped lending — though arguably that can be called not keeping sh'mita — which is why the p'rozbul was invented.)


I Maccabees 6:49-53 talks about a siege in which the Jews were short of food because of shmita.

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