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According to a shmita gardening guide from the Israeli Religions Ministry, it seems that grass should be planted at least a month before shmita starts, as with a tree. They even recommend having it in before Tammuz, if i understand correctly. (See page 25 of linked document).


If it wasn't shemittah, you are right in thinking that returning more than the borrowed amount, if that addition is a recognizable amount, would be usury. This is true despite the fact that returning the same volume is allowed even if the product has increased in value, because it's assumed that such fluctuations aren't significant to neighbors or people who ...


Ramba"m in hilchot shemita veyovel (10:2) says that the first shemita was 21 years after Jews entered Israel (14 years until they captured the land and 7 years till the first shemita), which is 2510 years from the creation. Others rule that 2509 year was shemita. However there is no contradiction, becuase it depends from where you begin to count the years. ...


The first Shemitta year was 21 years after the Jews entered Israel under the leadership of Joshua. According to Seder Olam, that was in the Jewish year 2509 after Creation.

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