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it would be interesting according to R Yosef engel ( Lekach Tov, Klall 1) who entertains a third option as to how shlichus works, in that the shliach remains an independent entity, while his creation of a specific halachic chalos works and is effective for the meshaleach, where as the first mehalech is power of attorney, and special strength is invested in ...


The Rambam mentions the concept in at least two additional places, besides Kiddushin. Hilchos Shabbos 30:6: חייב לעשות דברים שהן לצורך השבת בגופו, שזה הוא כבודו [A person] is obligated to do things for Shabbos himself, as this is its honor. And in Hilchos Sefer Torah 7:1: ואם כתבו בידו, הרי הוא כאילו קיבלו מסיניי; ואם אינו יודע לכתוב, אחרים ...

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