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According to the GaRNa"T at the beginning of Maseches Kesubos, there is a school of Rishonim which holds that Nisuin is not a "transaction" (קנין) but is rather the initiation of their living together as husband and wife (תחילת הנהגת אישות). According to this school of thought, at least, one would not be able to send a shaliach, as Nisuin is not an "act of ...


Pirkei D'Rebbi Eliezer 29 says that Shem Ben Noach performed Avraham's bris. The Medrash Rabba Bereishis 49:2 says that Hashem held Avraham's hand and helped him perform the bris. The verse in Bereishis 17:24 supports that it was performed by someone else, as it uses the passive language בהמולו, when he was circumcised, and Rashi there points out that this ...


This website recounts the medrash that says that According to the Midrash (Tanchuma VaYeira 3), Abraham only circumcised himself after consulting with his friend Mamrei.


Kol Isha -- presumably, the gemara in Megilla says that theoretically a woman could receive an aliyah. In those times, receiving an aliyah meant reading the Torah as well. Hence many rabbis (including some Orthodox ones) would say that kol isha wouldn't be a problem reading the Torah, and if that kind of singing isn't provocative, one could argue that ...


The Midrash Rabbah Lech Lacha 9: "א"ר לוי מל אברהם אין כתיב כאן אלא נימול בדק את עצמו ומצא עצמו מהול " Reb Levi said that the Torah said nimol Avraham opposed to maol Avrham,meaning Avraham checked and saw that he had a milah already.


Long debated question, קצות החושן brings this question down as a מחלוקת among the ראשונים. The following is based on part of this shiur: So how exactly is שלוחו של אדם כמותו? One side sees the messenger as a person on his own, given the power, or permission, to create consequences for the sender, where usually one could not do so for another. The other ...


Yalkut Yosef YD 285 Seif 89 says the head of household can appoint a shaliach to affix all the mezuzot. However, the shaliach should make the bracha of "Al Keviat Mezuzah", because whenever a Misvah is done on behalf of someone else, you change it to that form. I don't see any circumstance where the visitor won't be appointed a shaliach- is he going to ...

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