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The primary source for this is the Mishna - מסכת ידיים - Chapter 2 Mishna 1: נָטַל לְיָדוֹ אַחַת מִשְּׁטִיפָה אַחַת, יָדוֹ טְהוֹרָה. לִשְׁתֵּי יָדָיו מִשְּׁטִיפָה אַחַת, רַבִּי מֵאִיר מְטַמֵּא, עַד שֶׁיִּטּוֹל מֵרְבִיעִית.


I have heard the same rumour. I found the following by Rav Aviner. He was asked that whether the Kiddush cup of the Chafetz Chaim was like the measurement of Ha-Rav Chaim Naeh and not like that of the Chazon Ish.   His answer was This is brought by Ha-Rav Moshe Karp as testified by the Chafetz Chaim's grandson, Ha-Rav Hillel Zacks, the Rav of the ...

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