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This is indeed what Rabi Yochanan says in maseches Sota 10a.


According to Nazir 4b, Samson, having a special form of nezirut (Nazirite status), was allowed to become tamei (ritually impure or "unclean") even though the typical nazirite vow would preclude such a leniency: נזיר שמשון מותר ליטמא למתים שכן מצינו בשמשון שנטמא A nazir shimshon is allowed to become impure via [contact with] the dead, for we find by ...


Samson was not a nazirite in a complete sense, for he never took a nazirite vow.It was merely that the angel caused him to be separated from impurity. What were the laws applying to him? He was forbidden to drink wine and cut his hair. He was, however, permitted to incur impurity due to contact with the dead. This concept is a halachah transmitted by ...


The Encyclopedia Talmudis has a complete article on bee honey (under dvash) and why it is kosher. As part of the article it shows the difference between bee honey and milk of a nonkosher animal. The honey is carried by "baskets" outside the bee and is processed by "external" processing. That is, it is chewed by the bee, mixed with saliva and regurgitated. It ...


To answer the minim (people who deny the oral Torah) because the names of important people such as Dovid's mother or Avraham's mother is also not mentioned in the Torah is brought down through oral tradition which minim do not have(based on Bava Basra 91a).


I challenge your assumption that no one knew. Consider this episode (Judges 15:9-20): 9 Then the Philistines went up, and pitched in Judah, and spread themselves against Lehi. 10 And the men of Judah said: 'Why are ye come up against us?' And they said: 'To bind Samson are we come up, to do to him as he hath done to us.' 11 Then three thousand men of ...


According to this answer Rav Hai Gaon and Shmuel Hanagid were of the opinon that when it comes to aggadah one should take from such passages whatever comes to one's mind, so all of this is my own speculation. hair's function mirrors that of clothing for many animals. Though its uses are limited and mostly vestigial in humans, it still mirrors clothing in an ...

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