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The best answer, as other's have already indicated is to ask someone "in the business" so to speak or to ask your rabbi/rebbetzen, but if your looking for something on your own I would suggest "The Shidduch Manual." It's short and in English and super user-friendly. (It's published by "Isreal Book Shop.")


I'm getting married in December. After my kallah and I were getting to know each other for some time and we felt more confidently about moving forward we started discussing getting married and asking each other questions that were important to us to find out about the other person. When we got engaged we went to the Ohel to request a bracha from the Rebbe on ...


call the shadchan and let him/her you know you are not interested in th person you were introduced to and why. The only reason it is important to say why is so then the shadchan has a better understanding of who to set you up with next. A big part of the reason it's helpful to have a shadchan is for this very reason. It makes it significantly easier for both ...

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