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The reason the shidduch system is not working is due to the personal foibles parents impose on the would be suitor or their parents. If having a mixed table is a way of getting away from parental inhibitions, this could work, but it's probably not a long term solution. I.e. expect an increased divorce rate when the parents realise they've been bypassed.


There are many questions here, but all quite interesting. Where did the idea of paying a shadchan come from? Is it an obligation? This depends on the community The first shidduch in Jewish history (Eliezer finding Rivka for Yitzhak) doesn't mention a fee and dinonline writes that the Sephardi custom is that "the shadchan traditionally receives no ...


It is very difficult to find accurate statistics on divorce, and differences between countries are so great that any answer can only be useful from a specific countries' perspective. Finding prevalence statistics specifically focused on shidduchim is even harder. On of the problem of using divorce statistics is that part of the high reported rates of divorce ...

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