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The last lost tribe is American Indians with DNA marking...someday people will figure out...not now.


I believe that they have done genetic testing on Kohanim. (I have to locate that article, but I recall reading about this about a year ago.) At any rate, Koahnim and Levi'im are certainly from the tribe of Levi. If someone claims to be either of these, we believe his word. Do we have exact proof, other than above-mentioned DNA testing? No, we don't. But we ...


My family's tradition traces us to Judah, but only through my father's mother's father. Since I don't know the lineage of my father's father's line, I really can't be sure. Some people can trace themselves (like the families' of my father's mother's brothers) to a particular tribe.


Rabbis today come from all tribes; there are no ancestral requirements for the job. Actually, if your ancestors were Temple priests (see below), you can't attend funerals unless they're of immediate family [Leviticus 21:1]; so many synagogues do not want to hire a rabbi who's of priestly ancestry -- he can't do funerals! There are special synagogue honors ...


After the reign of Solomon, the nation was divided into 2 kingdoms, North and South (the kingdoms of Israel and Judah respectively). The Northern Kingdom (sometimes called "Ephraim") was composed of most of the tribes while the southern kingdom, Judah, was made up mostly of Judah, Benjamin and some of Levi (though I have heard that there were a few ...

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