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It appears from the Gemara in Shabbat 116a that a Kosher Sefer Torah that has faded and less than 85 letters are legible no longer has the status of a Sefer Torah. ת''ש ס''ת שנמחק אם יש בו ללקט שמונים וחמש אותיות כגון פרשת ויהי בנסוע הארון מצילין ואם לאו אין מצילין But I cannot find a corresponding entry in Shulchan Aruch for this.


From: http://www.torah.org/advanced/weekly-halacha/5762/bo.html A child should not be diapered or toilet-trained in a room full of seforim. But it is permitted to diaper or train a child in a room where there is an occasional sefer or bencher, etc.(See Machazeh Eliyahu 5-8 for an entire review of this subject. See also Teshuvos Vehanhagos 2:137.)


Rabbi Yechezkel Feinhandler in his Ginzei Kodesh perek 4:11 writes that it is assur for one to eliminate before seforim(Mordechai in shabbas 3:311,Rama siman 315:1,Mishna Brurah 40:5 )unless they are covered (machlokes how many covers are necessary ).He writes that it is permitted to urinate even if the seforim are uncovered provided that his erva is not ...


The Magain Avraham (O.C. 156) quoting the Yam Shel Shlomo says that it is to not say something disgusting (and it should be said in general, not specifically about the Mesechta name). The Teferes Yisroel (beginning of the Meschta) doesn't like that explanation and suggest instead it is to avoid confusing it with the word בצע which caused a mistake in ...


1) The reason I have heard is that it is a matter of etiquette. בצים is a Hebrew euphemism for testicles, so some people, especially chasidim, are careful to use the Aramaic word for egg instead. 2) No, because the Aramaic word for egg is ביעא with a silent yud.


Ibn Ezra on the second verse you refer to (Exodus 6:3), citing Rav Saadya Gaon, explains that the meaning of this verse is not that the Jews had never heard this name before (in fact, the name had been used with Abraham and Jacob), but rather that the name was not used exclusively. כאילו אמר ובשמי ה' לבדו לא נודעתי להם רק פעם באל שדי ופעם בשם ה'...והנה ...

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