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Hashem doesn't refer only to God, it's used in Hebrew in the literal sense, meaning the name. "האם רשמת את השם שלך?" - Haim rashamt et hashem shelach? - did you wrote your name? The comments makes me understand I was too brief, so I'll add a clarification: In addition to God, it is forbidden to call parents by their name. Likewise, because of Kvod Malchut, ...


The source of Rambam is in Shvuot 35:2, start with the words "כל שלמה האמורין בשה"ש קדש". There are some exception that are brought to this rule. But according to one of the opinions the Shelomoh that you brought refers to God, and division of money is number of people that a King may kill. אמר שמואל מלכותא דקטלא חד משיתא בעלמא לא מיענשא שנאמר כרמי שלי ...


Its the fastest way to turn the Hey into another letter. The leg is simply stretched a bit longer.


Rav Zilberstein writes in Veha'arev Na (page 441), that sheimos written in Braille require placement in sheimos, as they are read by a wide audience of blind people. Challenge: May divrei Torah written in braille be thrown in the garbage, or do they require genizah like divrei Torah written in normal script? Solution: Since braille is a written ...

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