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I did not read the whole article yet (discovered through a comment on this site, it's on my 'to-read' list), but the cheat sheet found on page 15 of this magazine (Kosher Spirit Pesach 5768 [from the OK]) says that "A posuk of Tanach (if it was read)" must be put into sheimos.


The Chavos Yair Siman 16 at the end of the tshuva writes that the coins from Sweden which had the Shem HaShem on it are not considered kodesh since it was made for mundane purposes and the *Mishna Brurah 334:52 quotes this opinion concerning melting down the coin(erasing the name). It seems that the name on the seal has no kedusha just the fact its on the ...


My father, who works at Columbia received a psak that the University branded calendars and such require geniza because of the logo on the cover. Presumably this would imply it is forbidden to walk on the Name on the library floor. Source: Rabbi Dovid Goldwasser PS I've now identified myself to anyone who knows me already.


There is more than one opinion on this matter. For example: Rabbi Joseph B. Soloveitchik famously wrote GOD on a blackboard and erased it in front of a class to make it clear that it was not a "shem" when it is not Hebrew. I have read this numerous places but you can find it referenced here. That being said, it could be seen as more respectful to write ...

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