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Rabbi Eliezer Melamed says it is permitted. It is permissible to decorate the parochet (curtain) and the aron kodesh in the accepted manner, for people are accustomed to the decorations on them and the artwork does not distract them from praying.


I can't believe that I missed an answer that was in the Gemarah all along, on the same page that I cited. Rosh Hashanah 32b תרועה שאין עמה לא כלום כגון (במדבר כט, א) יום תרועה יהיה לכם אומרה עם השופרות דברי רבי יוסי My translation: If the word תרועה is mentioned in the citation without anything else (e.g. the word shofar), such as the verse "A day ...


This Beurei Hatefilah article cites that, in fact, there were / are various places where Hineni was / is recited, among one of the places - preceding Hamelech in Shacharit. Part of this discussion relates to the concept of reshut (permission). As it is, there is a form of reshut that the cantor recites during the 1st day of Rosh Hashannah Musaph, namely ...


The section of shofaros starts with "Ata nigleysa" "You revealed yourself...". The first verse used in the ten shofaros verses is a pasuk from Torah (Exodus 19:16) "VaYehi bayom hashlishi..." "And it was on the third day...". The tenth verse used is one from the Prophets (Zechariah 9:14) "VaHashem aleyhem yeraeh..." "And G-d appeared unto them...". The ...

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