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The Gemara in Megillah 17b lays out the reasons for the order of the middle blessings. Some are based on verses, some on number associations, and some on proximity to other blessings. A summary: The blessing for understanding is after the blessing of G-d's sanctity based on the verse והקדישו את קדוש יעקב ואת אלהי ישראל יעריצו (sanctity) being ...


The basic structure of Shemona Esrei is the first three blessings, the middle blessings and the last three blessings. All Amidas on every day of the year have that structure, but on Shabbos and Holidays there is (generally) one blessing in the middle. The first three are about recounting the praises of Hashem. The middle is about requests for personal ...


I read that the first 6 requests are all for individuals (meaning, even though they are requested in plural and on behalf of everyone, they are for individualistic needs) whereas the following requests are all communal (end of evil, redemption, re-institution of monarchy, etc.)

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