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NOTE: both of these are only partial answers; the 1st may be against the Rashba and the 2nd is disputed First Answer The simplest answer might be that the times of getting up and going to sleep are based on when non-Jews, who are exempt from Shema, wake up (after all, non-Jews do make up the vast majority of the human population). Rishonim (see Tos. 2b) ...


The Behr Siddur (Siddur Avodath Yisroel by Roedelheim, 1868) says in the footnotes: This is not found in the Siddurim of the Sefardim, nor in most handwritten Siddurim. (Rav Amrom, Rokach, Kol Bo, etc.) and therefore it appears to have been copied here from the Malchioth of the Rosh Hashana Mussaf.

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