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The Lubavitcher Rebbe started a campaign (in 1983 - the beginning of 5744) that everyone should say the Hareini Mekabel before davening and אך צדיקים afterwards. Rabbi Palteil speaks about the history and reasons for this here (at about the 21 minute mark). This was a previous practice, as the Alter Rebbe of Lubavitch put it in his siddur to say that. The ...


From torah.org: Rambam rules (as is the ruling of the Gemara; see below) that both "audible" and "careful" reading of K'riat Sh'ma are desiderata L'khat'hilah but are not indispensable. The Mishnah in Berakhot (2:3) cites the following two disputes: "If someone read K'riat Sh'ma and did not hear his own reading, (R. Yehuda says:*) Yatza, R. ...


If one is wearing glasses he does not need to take them off rather he can place his hand over them(Oz Nedabru 12:53)


The Shulchan Aruch 61:5 writes: נוהגין ליתן ידיהם על פניהם בקריאת פסוק ראשון כדי שלא יסתכל בדבר אחר שמונעו מלכוין: And the Mishna Brurah 17 explains it as: ידיהם - ר"ל יד ימין The Rivevos Ephraim 4:44:97 brings two ideas one that one takes both hands the left in the right and covers their eyes so they cant see and be disturbed from their kavana. He also ...

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