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Not to disagree with anyone, but if we look to the example of Rabbi Akiva as stated explicitly in Brachot 61b, it says that he fulfilled the mitzvah of Kriat Shema by ending on the word "Echod" at the end of the first posuk only. It explains that as he was dieing during his execution, he explained to his students that he had waited all his life to fulfill ...


According to this text provided by Chabad.org to say on the deathbed, one would say ברוך שם...‏ three times as well as a few other lines after saying שמע ישראל.


The Shulchan Aruch's organization is based on that of the Tur. In particular, here, the laws listed in the question are presented in the same order, with the same section-numbering, in the Tur. So, the question is why :22 and :23 are in that order in the Tur. When the Tur presents the laws in 61:16-22, it does so without explicitly citing sources, ...


according to the "Duties of the Heart" love of God is a very advanced levels . it requires lots of foundation work as explained in chapter 3 of the Gate of Love of God there. here is an excerpt. you'll need to study the whole book to fully understand his words. What is the way to attaining love of G-d? I answer this question as follows: This request is ...

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