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Aruch Hashulchan 228:1 says that included in the prohibition of onaas d'varim, causing pain with words, is this: He shall not say to his fellow, "For how much [money] are you willing to give [me] this item?" [if] he has no desire to buy it. Or, if donkey-drivers were asking him [if they could] buy grain [from him], he shall not tell them, "Go to ...


The main component of sarcasm is condescendion and that is 'gaivah, meaning pride or elitism.


We actually find sarcasm used in the Talmud. One example that comes to mind is in Taanis 24b, where Rav Papa declared a fast day during a drought, but felt very weak. He ate a handful of cereal and went to Daven. The prayers for rain went unanswered. Rav Nachman b. Ushpezati told Rav Papa, 'If you'd eat another handful then you'd get rain'. Rav Papa was ...

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