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I remember Rav Aviner was asked a very similar question. He answers at the bottom of this page. To quote him Question: I heard that it is permissible to cheat, since it isn't "Genevat Da'at" (deception), as the teachers know that cheating occurs, and it would be "a decree that the community cannot live up to [and which therefore is not binding]." ...


I would like to add to the excellent answer by Gabe12, that even if no specific ruling can be found that cheating on a test is avelut, it does not really matter. It still goes against the principle of Kedoshim tihiyu (And you shall be Holy). Just because something does not seem expressely prohibited does not mean that it is permitted. The commentary by ...


It is a sin, and it's basically a form of theft. After doing some research, I found out the Guemara brings the concept of Gneivas Da'as, which is the theft of intellect. This site explains very well this concept.

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