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See this article: Authorities dispute whether the berachah of shehecheyahu is entirely subjective, depending on the subjective joy a person feels, or whether the berachah includes an objective element, whereby if a garment or item is not important, and does not usually induce joy, one cannot recite the blessing. According to the Rosh, the ...


See here The Mishna (Brachos 9:2) writes that one recites a bracha upon hearing good news, building a new house or buying new items. The Shulchan Aruch (OC 223:6) and Mishna Berura (223:13) explain that this only applies to items that are important and one is particularly happy about acquiring. This applies equally to used items (Shulchan Aruch OC ...


See my answer to a related question. In summary, if your watch gives you personal joy, according to many opinions, you should say Shehechiyanu. If the new watch makes you more punctual to appointments when you were chronically late, then, perhaps your friends should also say "Hatov Vehamaitiv" :-) :-)

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