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In my experience, different communities have different practices with regard to shaving. (Note that when I talk about "shaving" in this answer, I mean cutting the beard with a permitted shaving device. Not a straight razor which is forbidden.) In general, Hasidic Jews (including teenagers) tend not to shave at all. My understanding is that this is for ...


Baba Sali davened his whole life he should have a better beard growth. The beard of the Besht used to part into 15 when he said yishtabach corresponding to the 15 shvachim. You can't enhance your beard's spirituality by shaving it.


From my experience living my whole life with Orthodox Jews A lot of Orthodox Jewish teens always "shave" (without a razor) except for days it is forbidden. The ones that do grow a full beard usually do not shave (they consider it forbidden). But recently modern style is starting/returning to be adopted so we see more trimmed beards. Orthodox Jewish teens ...

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