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First of all, the berachos upon pesukei dezimra (Yishtabach and Baruch Sheamar) cannot be made after one has said the Amidah (Shulchan Aruch 52). The question, then, is about the pesukim/mizmorim. The Shulchan Aruch there writes that one may, after finishing davening, go back to say the parts of pesukei dezimra that he skipped, and it sounds a bit like he ...


In shulchan aruch siman nun beis it says "afterwards you should say the psukei dizimra without the brocho before and brochoh after (meaning boruch sheomar and yishtabach) - (see shulchan aruch harav there where he explains why you don't say the brochos -) there are two opinions whether you should say it after davening or not therefore the halachah is to say ...

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