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The vast majority of shuls self-identified as Orthodox are mainstream. So chances are, any Orthodox shul or community you approach will be mainstream. Sabbateans are non-existent, as far as I know. Karaites are very rare and will not pretend to be Orthodox. Any Orthodox shul without a mechitza (I hear there are a few left) is outside of the mainstream, ...


The main argument of the Shebbatai's disciples was that his apostasy, his conversion to islam, as well his death was supposed to happen. His Apostasy Sabbatai‘s followers were instructed to reject the halakha and used mystical reasons to justify their position by explaining that the rejection of the mitzvot was a key step in messianic redemption, as ...


לתולדות התנועה הפראנקית written by Majer Bałaban records some of the contents of this disputation.


He was a false Messiah,he was Bad because mainly he said Certain mitzvos did not exist he was famous for making up the Bracha Mattir Haissurim and in the end he Converted to Islam


Scholem says it was the Taz's son and stepson, Reb Aryeh Leib. Their mission was to meet and determine the legitimacy of S"T as a Talmid Chochom and Tzaddik. According to Scholem he wowed them and they left convinced of his righteousness and status as the messiah with a present of a garment for the ailing Taz to wear as a segulah for improved health. Scholem ...


It would appear based on the article Reb Shlomo and Tu Beshevat (scroll to the bottom) that the sefer Hemdat HaYamim, which clearly contains sabbatean material has been accepted. for those following Lithuanian tradition, both the Gra and Haayim of Volozhin accepted Hemdat Yamim. So I would surmise that as long as no sabbatean theology is espoused ...

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