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I've heard from a Yekke that they divide the Zemiros between day and night depending on the season - on the longer winter nights, they sing the majority at night, and in the summer they save more for the day.


By many chassidic groups a large variety of zemiros from throughout the bencher are sung by shalosh seudos. In my community for example we sing Yom Zeh LYisroel then even though it is generally a first meal zemer, and a bulk of the songs sung are from the day seudah. With the exception of the zemiros from the Arizal it doesn't seem like they are specific to ...


The Machzor Vitry (a talmid of Rashi, who therefore preceeds R' Yehudah HaChassid and R' Elazar Rokeach) has a considerable number of the zemiros that we still sing today, some of which have variant girsaos. For example, Kol Mekadesh in the MV has lines for the entire alef-bais. Also, a number of zemiros were written by Donash Ben Labrat who preceeded Rashi. ...


This article notes that a seeming reference to zemirot as part of the Shabbos seudah is made by the Gemara (Megillah 12b): יום השביעי שבת היה שישראל אוכלין ושותין מתחילין בד''ת ובדברי תשבחות Early proponents of zemirot include R. Yehudah HaChassid (Sefer Chassidim 271) and R. Eliezer Rokeach (Rokeach 54). Zemiros are extant from the period of the ...

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