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This issue is a dispute of Rishonim. The Rash to Kilayim 9:1 says the wool and linen must touch to be prohibited. The Rambam (Kilayim 10:3) holds even if they are not touching, as long as they are in the same garment it is shatnez. תפר בגד של צמר בשל פשתן, אפילו תפרן במשי, או שתפר בגד צמר בחוטי פשתים, או בגד פשתים בחוטי צמר, או קשר חוט צמר בחוטי פשתן ...


No, my mother works in the suit industry, and she asked our community rabbi this exact question. He said that as long as it is in the same garment it is impermissible; it does not need to be sewn together. I do not know the sources he used to answer her.

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