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R' Moshe Feinstein in Even HaEzer 4:60 writes that it is absolutely prohibited, not just as a nice practice, but involves a Torah prohibition. Among other points, one thing he writes is that in his understanding of the Rambam, speaking to a woman in an affectionate manner is included in the Torah prohibition of illicit relationships.


Yes. Although there is a widespread custom to go to the mikva each morning, that custom is far from universal even among the most religious circles, and I have never in all my years heard of any hesitation to acting as prayer leader based on issues of keri.


Maharsham, Rogatchover Gaon and Rav Ovadia Yosef all rule that even with a condom it is called sexual relations. Interestingly, the Rabbi Dovid Lau (a nobody compared to the heavy hitters mentioned above) has a piece in his sefer where he calls into question some of the halachik mechanics in this case, but even he stops short of saying that it's not called ...


A talmid of R' Noach Weinberg told me that R' Noach used to often say a pshat in that. The Torah is saying, even if you are going to stoop to homosexuality, but not your father. And the lesson is, just because you have stooped pretty low, don't throw everything away.


To quote Rashi: the nakedness of your father: This [refers to] your father’s wife. [But how do we know this?] Perhaps it is only to be interpreted literally [as an admonition against relations with one’s father, in addition to the general admonition against pederasty]. [The answer is:] It says here, “The nakedness of your father,” and it says further, ...

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