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Regarding your assertion that "chosson & kalla shouldn't see each other during the week before the wedding.": You may want to read Rabbi Dr. Ari Zivotofsky 's essay on the subject of What’s the Truth about ... a Chatan and Kallah Not Seeing Each Other before the Wedding?. Basically: "This practice has no basis in Talmudic or medieval writings, and ...


Dam Chimmud happens whenever she commits to getting married and starts preparing for the Chuppah. (Shulchan Arukh YD 192:2) Nowadays that is usually a few months before the wedding. As long as she counts 7 clean days after that she's fine. (Issues can arise if wedding dates are changed, but seeing each other has nothing to do with it.)


Dam chimud is from a sudden proposal, not a preplanned event.


Try the Litveshe' approach: STOP THINKING ABOUT IT put your strength into limud hatorah which is matzil and mechaper for all cheit If it happened, move on and thank HaShem he made you healthy with healthy desires, focusing on it will just serve to bring you back down. Rather make the proper guards so you dont fall again. This method is tried and true in ...


Have you considered chemical castration? It has nothing to do with physical castration: your testicles would still be intact and attached to your body, and it would not render you sterile. It is guaranteed to reduce your sexual drive, and unlike physical castration, and in most cases it is also reversible, although I'm not aware to which extent have the ...


Rabbi Aryeh Kaplan's translation gives the traditional Jewish interpretation: It's all about witnesses. He produces witnesses that she cheated on him while they were "betrothed" (like engagement, before they move in together, but with a very strong commitment). Her family produces proof that no, the husband's witnesses are perjuring themselves. This all ...


The Ba'al HaTanya writes in Torah Or about this Halacha: אך דהנה ידוע שהדבר שברצון נק' פנים ומה שהוא נגד רצונו נק' אחור ובשעת מ"ת היה כל רצון ישראל אליו ית' וכל עניני הגוף היה בבחי' אחור. כמארז"ל על כל דבור פרחה נשמתם ובאמת היה להם גופים. אך לפי שכל עניני הגוף היה בבחי' אחור ונמצא כמו שאין להם גופים וממילא היו בבחי' פנים כמים הפנים וגו' וכמ"ש ועל דמות ...

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