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Maybe since he has intention in gemara Niddah to achieve a specific outcome by the combination of both times he is boel, it is considered as a 'biah arichtah', whereas in Pesachim he was being 'oseh tzerachav', he did not have a higher motivation so he has done 2 seperate bios.


The mishna says הבועל ארמית קנאין פוגעין בו. This is a limited law for only one specific case of a sexual sin. The gemara limits further and says that one can only kill the perpetrators in the case where they are in the middle of the act and when the act is performed in public (as in the case of Pinchas). The Rambam brings this law in Mishneh Torah Sefer ...


The periodicity of visits of the husband at home and his work*, and how mach he remains valid and strong after hardness of labor and business(Source Mishna Keubot 5, 6, difference between "walkers" and "workers", see also Gemara Ketubot 62a, the words of SA EH 76,1 are according to his strength and his work). When a woman will marry a seaman, she doesn't ...

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