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According to Derech Eress, a book on the customs of Aleppo,the Jews used to celebrate 2 days of Purim out of Safek. ולכן נהגו לעשות פורים שני ימים, אלא שקוראים את המגילה בלי ברכה: וכן היה מנהג ארם צובה מימי קדם, שנהגו כל דיני פורים בשני הימים (וגם קראו בתורה בברכה - ורק על המגילה (לא בירכו, כאמור). מנהג זה המשיך אצל המוסתערבים (התושבים ...


There is also an S&P Birkon app for Android (free), which has Birkat ha mazon, mein shalosh, and a few other prayers. If you know the specific text you are looking for sometimes its online (e.g. tzur mishelo, etc.).


History There were several (many) nusakhoth among the Jews of Spain and Portugal before the expulsion from the Spanish realms (including Southern Italy and several other European possessions) in 1492. In Spain itself, there were several streams. In Castilla and Andalusia, the Rambam was widely accepted. Although, he may not have been exclusively ...


Moroccan jewry is a mix of original jews from Maghreb and the ones (megorashim) arrived from Spain with the expulsion in 1492. Each group had different rites n' ended mixed or replaced. Some rites change from one city to another. https://www.youtube.com/user/darkeabotenou/featured @Yshma3el

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