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As you mention, possible symbolism of eggs are discussed in a different question and answer set, to which you linked. As for pomegranate, this seems to me to be a likely allusion to the poles of pomegranate wood they used as a spit to roast the korban pesach. See pesachim daf 74. We eat the egg at the beginning of shulchan orech. Absent any source to the ...


There are two issues here Are Jews permitted to test for genetic diseases before getting married? Are they required to? Does this apply differently for Ashkenazim and Sefardim? The answer to the first issue is that it is permitted and even recommended by some for Ashkenazim because of the prevalence and terrible consequences of Tay-Sachs. See for ...


There are different diseases that run in Sephardic families, such as Thalassemia and Glycogen Storage Disease. It stands to reason that if it's advisable for Ashkenazim to get tested against their common diseases, the same would apply for Sephardim respectively. This is also what I've heard from some Jewish educators and medical professionals, though I ...


I have heard Yalkut Yosef is one of the best, most reliable, and easy to understand halachic books in modern age. With its short and simple answers, it praised greatly. It will be a great benefit if anyone can provide a link to the complete Yalkut Yosef or at least part of it. I couldn't find any available book at our location even for online purchase.

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