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Take a look at challah 1.4 -1.5. A deep fried dough is not lechem I.e. a bread product. The Torah only obligates bread products in the chiyuv of challah however the chiyuv of challah takes effect at N earlier stage - during the kneading process. So there is a machlokes between rabeinu tam (sefer hayashar and pesachim (38b) )and rash on the type of dough. ...


The mishna (Challa 1:7) says: נחתום שעשה שאור לחלק, חיב בחלה.‏ נשים שנתנו לנחתום לעשות להן שאור, אם אין בשל אחת מהן כשעור, פטורה מן החלה.‏ A baker who baked bread [that had the proper amount for Challah], while intending to sell pieces of it [where each piece is less than a shiur], is obligated in Challah. Women who gave ...

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