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I asked a fellow in Shul this morning this question, and he showed me a fascinating Medrash Raba. Medrash Raba Vayeira 56 third line from the top. Avaraham prayed at Mount Moriah after he was told not to sacrifice Yitzchak that Hashem should have Mercy on the Jews even if due to sin they are not deserving of it . ר' יוחנן אמר: אמר לפניו רבון העולמים ...


This bothered me too. Not just concerning Avraham, but by many of the situations mentioned in 'Mi Sh'ana', we never find the people mentioned actually praying or asking anything of Hashem. The answer I've told myself is based on an Or HaChaim in Shmos chapter 2 vs 23-24. The Torah tells us that the cries of the Jews from their work went up to Hashem And ...

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