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this article cites a reason given by Leket Yosher Orach Chaim, p. 118 par. 1 Summarizing: Simce people have more free time on SHabbat, they spend their time learning Torah and enjoying (Oneg) Shabbat. So,Yom Rishon is a good time to begin Selichot since people are still happy from Shabbat. And we also learn in Talmud Shabbat p 32b that the shechina (G-d's ...


They start after Rosh chodesh. Source: http://www.sephardichazzanut.com/Selichot.htm Starting after Rosh Hodesh Elul, Sephardic Jews around the world wake up in the early morning to recite the Selichot which consist of special prayers and poems.

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