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Perhaps it's meant to be based on "Al naharot bavel" which is about remembering/not forgetting Jerusalem/Zion


Rabbi Dr. Immanual Shochat's introduction to his translation of Slichos (page xii) places the first text of Slichos to Rav Amram Gaon. Wikipedia contends that the slichos part is of later vintage, but brings no evidence for the assertion (that the entire thing is whole cloth of later vintage, rather than interpolation of later slichos into what Rav Amram ...


I hear you and agree. You got some good advice about preparing, however life as a frum Jew leaves little free time if you have kids and a job. I have the same issue as you and lately I have been going to Sephardic selichos. The language is easier and the tone is not sad and depressing. I can only suggest what I do and that is I go at my own pace, find one ...


The Mechaber says (507:3) that one should stand for Vidui, and the Rama there adds that the main part of Vidui is the phrase "אבל אנחנו חטאנו" "...but we have sinned". So it seems that this is the minimal requirement for bending. See Mishnah Brurah commentary 12 that states that even though you should say all the paragraphs standing, it is suggested to bend ...

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