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There is an online shiur that deals with the author of that sefer. It is the class dated June 15.


See Shulchan Aruch Orach Chayim 493: I have not found any prohibition or minhag to not buy certain clothing articles. May be that such a rule is for the days preceding Tish'a Beav (siman 551, 7-8). One of the Minhag in Sefira is that women do not work after the sunset(493, 4).


There's no such thing as "counting with a bracha" and "counting without a bracha". The Mitzva is to count. Blessings on (just about) all Mitzvot are separate rabbinic obligations. Whether or not a blessing is said on a Mitzva is a separate question from if there is a Mitzva (some Mitzvot never have blessings!). A Mitzva done without its requisite blessing (...


The short answer is yes. The reason is that there is a machlokes as to whether it is a mitzvah to count each day or if the mitzvah is one "long" mitzvah to count all seven weeks or both. Thus, we count without a bracha to take all the opinions into account. Rabbi Chaim Jachter discusses the latest time that one can count the omer and explains why we would ...

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