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Sefaria has an API that will serve it up as a JSON object.


Mechon Mamre's "תיקון קוראים" (also downloadable) has each word of the Pentateuch in a separate span element; pasuk-final words have different attributes in those elements. This is thus a machine-parseable Pentateuch with machine-parseable delineation of p'sukim, which seems to be what you seek.


The Ramma in siman 131 siff 2 brings from the Beis Yosef who quotes a Rokeach -- The Rokeach also writes in siman 324 not to 'fall' unless in front of a seffer torah. And a siman for this is found in the war against Ay (Yehoshua 7, 6) 'and he fel lon his face in front of the aron'." The Beis Yosef concludes by saying if it's accepted (kabbala), ...


There are two factors determining the start of columns in sifrei torah: Halacha requires that certain words be at the top of the column. The acronym for these words is בי"ה שמו, the mem of which is מה טובו as you noted. Despite the best efforts of earlier poskim including Keset Hasofer, it is traditional for all other columns to begin with the letter ...


Standard Sifrei Torah today have 42 lines in each column. While there are different opinions how many lines a Sefer Torah should be (See Keses Hasofer 13:6), this has not developed solwly out of Halacha. There's a good article about how this came to be here Until some 30 years ago, Sofrim didn't really have a good tikkun to copy from. They either used ...

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