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Being blind myself, I can more specifically address Hebrew Braille and how siddurim work. As the first answer says, a person who knows English Grade 2 braille does not need to start from scratch, because there are many similarities. However, it is not transliteration; the Hebrew letters are represented character for character, with the vowels, when used, ...


I have a friend who is blind. Hebrew braille does not have its own alphabet, but rather uses the same symbols that English braille does. Also, text runs in the same direction as English letters (see the first paragraph of the aforementioned Wikipedia article) -- which I can imagine might be confusing to someone who used to read Hebrew in the original ...


It depends on the community and people's Rabbis. While of course there is no actual biblical or ancient rabbinic decree about TV, Rabbis do have the authority to make decrees that their followers will follow. The problem with TV is that many Rabbis were worried that it will bring outside influences into the house, for example, things that are inappropriate, ...


As I recall from when my children were the age you imply (40 years ago) I would cover my eyes and the child would imitate me by covering his or her own eyes. Since they were learning by saying it with me, it was part of teaching them. I do not recall a specific psak. It did not take long for them to learn what to do.

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