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The olive oil we get in the store is not really pure olive oil, as such it has nothing to do with that Gemara. Our "pure extra virgin olive oil" is roughly 30% real olive oil, the rest is made up of other cheaper oils or processed to change the natural taste of the oil. See here and here for starters, but this seems to be a well documented fact. In fact, ...


The Big Bang essentially posits that our world was spawned from another world which the Big Bang event itself remains our only connection to. This seems to be totally congruous with the idea of bereishis bara elokim.


I will summarize some of the existing answers, and show how they deal with different questions form the verses and commentaries. See here Where a large number of Geonim, Rishonim, and Acharonim are cited who write that darkness is the mere absence of light. That being the case, how do we understand the plague of darkness. Simple, first off, God could could ...

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