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I think their main point is not that the theory in all its details is identical to the Jewish tradition. For thousands of years, conventional western wisdom was based on the Aristotelian assumption of kadmuth ha'olam - that the universe always was as it is. The modern discoveries of physics which talk about a finite point in time before which human ...


The point about the "Big Bang" is that given a point of creation, there must have been a creator. Thus, if the Big Bang was not the point of creation of the universe, then whatever came before had to have been created. Or perhaps whatever came "before" that or ... Once scientists dropped the "eternal universe" theory for some starting point, They eventually ...


Here's an interesting one from the end of Kesuvos (111b) - some rabbannim are trying to encourage one of their number to make aliyah. Then they give him some advice if he choses to remain in Bavel: Do not sit too much, because it is bad for the stomach. Do not stand too much, because it is bad for the heart. Don't walk to much because it's hard on the ...


The Ben Ish Chai writes that the Arizal said that air has weight, and that this was laughed at with questions of why we don't get crushed. Then it was found to be true and the question was easily answered. There is also the famous Gemara which differentiates between honey and milk.

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