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If a five-time Oscar winner makes stupid comments about current political events he knows nothing about, does that mean we shouldn't trust his advice about acting? Of course we should: his acting has been tried and found true. Similarly (though l'havdil), any authority the Jewish community as a whole has examined over the years and accepted is a "winner".


As Rabbi Yaacov Dovid Lach explains in his book Chullin Illuminated they are a fibrous adhesion that connect parts of the lungs to each other or to the surrounding walls of the chest cavity. In healthy lungs they are not present and thus indicate a problem. The exact nature of this problem is a matter of dispute (it either is caused by a previously present ...


On the whole, even the wicked people (or idolators) of the Bible do believe in some form of theism, even if not monotheism or the God of Israel, יקוה. To quote the Encyclopedia of the Bible and Its Reception on "Atheism": The theoretical objection to the idea of the existence of god(s) is beyond the intellectual world of ANE [Ancient Near East] and HB/OT ...

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