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Try Kenigsburg in Meah shearim. He's located on 72 Shmuel Salant, if I recall correctly. Rabbi Yaakov Chenegal in Bnei Berak also does custom tikkunim on demand if you can't find a regular one. Edit: I don't have either phone number but you can probably find them in Israeli phone directories.


See the correspondence here One response says: לגבי מגילת אסתר ישנו ספר 'ליקוט ספרי סת"ם' מהרב צ. כהנא שבו מופיע גם מגילה כזאת. וגם של 21, 14,42 I searched for the Sefer online and found it here. Another response says it can be found in אוצר החכמה . I assume that if it is a 28-line version, your condition for the 10 b'nei Haman will also be met.

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