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OK, I'll try to address all the issues including the ones brought up in comments in no particular order, starting with the practical concerns. Mixed k'sav is not an issue. (Source: I have checked mezuzot with mixed k'sav on the same line which Rabbi Dovid Feinstein previously looked at and said were OK. There are some tikkunim that were somewhat-standard ...


In general writing on patches as you describe is supposed to be avoided because they tend to come off. If it were a matter of replacing yeriot it would be fine.


Try Kenigsburg in Meah shearim. He's located on 72 Shmuel Salant, if I recall correctly. Rabbi Yaakov Chenegal in Bnei Berak also does custom tikkunim on demand if you can't find a regular one. Edit: I don't have either phone number but you can probably find them in Israeli phone directories.

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